Lough Neagh

When someone dies, there is a recognised procedure to follow to ensure that all legal obligations are met and that full arrangements are made to ensure a proper funeral for your loved one.  We have listed some useful information below as a basic guide, but we would urge you to contact us for guidance and support throughout.

 When Someone dies  At Hospital Most deaths occur in a hospital/nursing home.  Family/Next of Kin will be notified and a doctor will issue a Death Certificate.  At this stage you will need to contact a Funeral Director to arrange to have the deceased collected and cared for.
   At Home When someone dies at home, their GP should be contacted immediately (or an ambulance if no GP is known/available).  The GP will issue a Death Certificate and you will need to contact a Funeral Director.
   Abroad When someone dies abroad, there are some formalities to be dealt with before repatriation.  We would advise that you contact us and we can provide guidance and liaise with those relevant to arrange for the deceased to be taken into our care.
 Care of the Deceased   Once you have contacted us, we will arrange transportation of your loved one to our Funeral Home for preparation, dressing, etc.  Once we make funeral arrangements, we will arrange transport to final resting place and funeral.
 Who to Inform  Friends and Family It is usual to inform friends and family first.  we would recommend that, if the number is large, you enlist others to help as this can be a difficult process.
   Obituary/Funeral  Announcement To inform people about the death of your loved one and any funeral arrangements, it is customary to place an Obituary or Funeral Notice in a local newspaper.  The details of this we can advise on and we can arrange this for you if required.
   Registrar Registration in most cases should take place prior to the funeral.  a family member is usually required to register the death, but we can accompany you if you need support.  The Medical Certificate issued at time of death will be necessary, along with some details about the deceased (dates of birth and death, address, occupation, etc.)
 Funeral Arrangements  Burial or Cremation Burials require a plot to be purchased/opened.  Cremations require some additional paperwork.  We can advise on any aspect, so please contact us
   Location of Service This will either be in a family church, at home, at the Crematorium or in our private Funeral Church.
   Coffins and Caskets We can provide a wide range of Coffins or Cremation Caskets.  Our wide selection of Coffins can have customised interior decoration in a range of colours.  We can guide you through the process of choosing which is correct for your needs.
   Floral Tributes or Donations We can arrange floral tributes and provide a delivery point for flowers or donations, as some prefer donations for a favoured charity instead of floral tributes.
   Order of Service We print our Order of Service in-house, so these can be customised to suit all tastes.  We can advise on content and design.
   Transport We have our own fleet, with hearse and limousines.  We will arrange all transport during our funeral arrangements with you.
   Reception We can advise and provide assistance with arranging a reception for after the funeral (location, catering, etc)
 After the Funeral
 Handling Affairs

When handling your loved ones affairs, you may need to contact:

  • Employer/School
  • Solicitor and/or Accountant
  • HMRC
  • DSS (if the deceased was on benefits of any kind)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Bank/Building Society
  • HP, Loan and Credit Card providers
  • Utility companies (if bills were in the deceased's name)
  • TV/Telephone/Subscription companies
  • Creditors and Debtors

Some of them will require a copy of the Death Certificate - copies can be provided from the Registrar for a small fee.

    Memorials/Masonry We carry a large stock of memorial masonry and can provide a fully customised service to suit your needs.  all engraving, etc, is done by ourselves.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Whenever you need us, we are available - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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