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Wrays Family Funeral Directors are based in Antrim town. A family owned business that combines old fashioned ideas of care, quality and service with a modern approach, responsive to the needs of today.

We are fully owned, Independent and run by the Wray family. We are not owned by the Co-Op or Dignity and we do not have any outside investors or shareholders at all and those who own our business also work within it.

Our aims and objectives are:-

  • That we will treat each client and their deceased loved ones with care and respect at all times.
  • That we will treat each funeral as the special event that it is. We will never rush a funeral. We will always make sure that we provide a first class service in order that our clients may feel proud of the service that they have provided for their loved one.
  • That we will be completely open and transparent regarding our fees. We will always answer any questions regarding our fee structure openly and honestly.
  • That our motto "Our Family Caring For Yours" will always be important to us and that we will treat each client family as we would wish to be treated and each deceased person as we would wish our loved ones to be treated.


The Wray Family

We offer a 24-hour service, 365 days per year.  All ours service are completed in-house, so everything required to remove the burden of funeral arrangements can be provided seamlessly and easily.  We understand the grief that can accompany a bereavement, and we treat everyone with the dignity, professionalism and respect anyone would expect for their loved one.  Once you contact Wrays, we will guide and support you throughout, being totally flexible and striving always to reduce the burden from family and friends of the deceased. 

We have always maintained that a funeral cannot be provided in a 'package deal'. Everyone is a individual. So is a Funeral.

Wrays provide a complete service, including:

  • Bringing your loved one into our care
  • Preparing and taking care of your loved one
  • Private, tranquil Rest Rooms
  • Funeral arrangement
  • Our own Funeral Church for Services
  • A wide range of Coffins and Caskets
  • A wide range of Flowers and Floral Tributes
  • Order of Service designed and printed in-house
  • Music and Eulogy
  • Monuments and Masonry
  • Our own Hearse and Limousines.
  • Various payment methods to lessen the financial burden

Contact Us for information anytime and our fully trained, caring staff will provide support and guidance on any aspect of arranging a funeral or dealing with bereavement.